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Best use for Generative AI in Video Production

Over the past year, we've delved deep into the world of #GenerativeAI to revolutionize our content production process and elevate our client experience.

From crafting stunning animated videos using AI-generated visuals to training our own AI model, we've pushed the boundaries of creativity. However, one application stands out as a game-changer in our workflow: matte painting.

Matte painting, a classic technique in the realm of visual effects, has found new life with the power of AI. Imagine being able to transform mundane locations into classy backgrounds for our videos. Whether it's a cramped office space or a cluttered environment, AI-driven matte painting enables us to transport viewers to captivating settings.

Let's take a glimpse at a sample showcasing the magic of AI-enhanced matte painting. Here, in the midst of our snug office, we've transformed a messy spot into a scene with a nice backdrop. Watch as ordinary surroundings dissolve into a realm of limitless possibilities, all thanks to the creative fusion of AI and human artists' ingenuity. #videoproduction #behindthescenes #corporatevideo

generative ai video

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